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We have several products to our credit. They can be grouped under following verticals

Media and Entertainment 

We have a history of producing cutting edge technology products in media and entertainment segment. Innovation is the key which set us apart from the competition. Our contribution extends from creating set top boxes to a suite of products aimed at ensuring quality of servIce(QOS) and quality of experience(QOE). The list of products includes, Hybrid set top boxes with DVBC/DVBS/DVBT interfaces & CAS integration, OTT boxes,Digital/ Network/ Cloud Video Recorders,Smart Universal Remote, Smart TV dongles,16/32 channel broadcast IP streaming servers etc..

Security and Surveillance 

Security and surveillance is an area of extreme interest to us simply because there is a huge scope for extreme innovation in face detection and recognition. We have designed and developed IP Cameras for system integrators as well as IP Cameras based Security & Surveillance systems, including the matching software applications. Apart from that, we are actively developing an explosive detector where the challenge is in integrating nanotecnology with traditional electronic circuits and software.

Automotive Electronics

Automotive electronics is the area of hot technology today. Integrating electonics with vehicles running on the road is an area requiring a lot of research synthesis and practical adaptation. We are very excited and confident of doing our bit in the dream of achieving the dream of driverless vehicles in stages. Current state of the development features applications designed for detecting drunken driving, driver fatigue, face detection, asset tracking, engine health reporting etc.

Industrial Electronics

PARC builds the electronics control hardware, embedded software, and end user applications for low cost, flexible, self learning Robots. The UI application and configuration is an easy to use Framework interface that can be used by anyone. It does not need any special programming knowledge. The Solution provides functions for Record/Train/Learn function of the Robot and these functions can be repetitively played back. PARC is also building Robots for cleaning reflector dishes for solar power plants.

Green Technlogies 

Need of the hour is eco-friendliness. Energy saved is the energy produced. Our eco-friendliness products involve controlled lighting and efficoent power storage systems like batteries.PARC designs and develops Smart lighting systems using LED Based Power saving devices like LED T80 Tubelights,LED modular 3W -15W Boards,LED solar lanterns with 80 watts output,LED / incandescent lamp power saver with RF communication, Day light sensor and motion detector,MPPT Charge Controller solutions Home automation - Energy Management boxes.

Medical Devices

We understand that there is a big need and demand for non-invasive devices in the field of medical electronics. PARC has developed Consumer Multi function pre screening Medical devices like Single channel ECG, Glucometer, Thermometer, Oximeter, Digital stethoscope for pre-screening and home use purposes.Communicate on Bluetooth.Volatile Organic Compounds, Joint development of a non intrusive product for detection of Diabetes, Lung Cancer Cells, SARS