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Our service offerings are built around demonstrated strengths in executing complex projects over the last two decades. Our belief in trust, transparency and flexibility drives us to step into our customers' business readily guaranteeing outcomes with great enthusiasm. In fact, it results in a simple strategy. We are proactive rather than reactive. The solutions involve dealing with the issues considered as important by our customers usually before clients are even aware of these issues.

We act as advocates of our customers and do not push and heap solutions on them. Instead, we focus more on our partnerships to provide fully customized solutions to them.

All our effort is directed towards understanding customer needs in terms of business, technical and budgetary goals. We make all efforts to make sure that our offerings are more than just ideas. We offer precise solutions. That is the reason why we have chosen to work with embedded systems. 

Research and Development

Embedded systems industry is fast changing and the need of the hour is to create innovative products. Creating innovative products needs flexible design capabilities. There is intense competition in this area. It requires extra ordinary creativity to integrate world class technology. PARC delivers such innovative products adhereing to quality time and cost goals.

Our R&D capabilities

1. Reverse Engineering

2. Rapid prototyping

3. Functional Testing

4. Board Design

5. Proof of Concept(PoC) validation through board development and testing

6. Firmware and driver development

7. Creation of reference platforms