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Embedded product development with a focus on innovation coupled with research 

We  offer  two  decades  worth  of  hardcore  experience  in  complex  embedded  systems  design  and  development

About Us

PARC Technology Research Lab(P) Ltd., started in 1997 with a focus on harnessing the power of embedded systems technology through constant innovation. We approach the complex technology solutions creatively to produce applications and solutions for the evolving techno-business environment......


We have built our service offerings around our demonstrated strengths. We work according to a simple strategy. We are proactive rather than reactive. We deal with the issues which are important to our customers usually before our clients are even aware of these issues........


Embedded systems show themselves in myriad number of applications in diverse domains. We have developed several products belonging to different domains.
The products belong to:
a. Security and surveillance
b. Green technologies........ 


Our approach to training is totally different. Today, what students need is:
Hardcore practice. Period.
Hardcore practice involves
a. Participation in real/on going project
b. facing actual deadlines ........